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Beer Glass Storage and Cleaning

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I generally run with 6 x 570ml dimple mugs, 3 x 425 & 4 x 450ml traditional pint glasses (425ml South Australian pint) and 2 x 750ml lager/Pilsner glasses (great for when you can’t be buggered going to the fridge all the time). Luckily I can store these in the freezer as I always pour my beer cold. 
Other than when brand new (clean with sodium percarbonate) I only rinse the glasses with water (and water only) rinsing always straight after consumption so beer lacing doesn’t dry on the glass. This has worked well for years and photos of my brews will support good head retention and lacing.

Every now and again (probably monthly I clean each glass with water and these glass brushes, excellent.


How do you treat yours.



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