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Pretty easy to make, probably the worst part is buying crumpet rings...which may be a scam to be honest, they look like eggs rings but they are "crumpet rings" and as you might have guessed, they are more expensive...FFS.

Anyways, ingredients are.

320gms flour

Tablespoon yeast

1/2 teaspoon bi carb soda

teaspoon of salt and of sugar

250 mls each of milk and water


put dry ingredients in bowl, with yeast and salt on either side, put milk and water in jug and into microwave for 30-40 seconds so it is a little warm to activate yeast, pour in slowly and whisk away until all mixed in well, then cover with glad wrap and a tea towel on top for an hour. I reckon egg rings will be fine for this, grease the ring with butter, put in pan  and let it warm before putting batter in, only half fill the ring (height wise)












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Tried another recipe on these, which is even simpler and I prefer the taste


450gs of flour

10gs of yeast

15gs of salt

600mls of milk heated to warm


Same method as before. This recipe makes about 16 crumpets, so you can halve it, or as I did, freeze them and then on that day off that you rarely get, toast them up and enjoy

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