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DRG beer requests from a newbie brewer.

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I am very new to the brewing game. And I'm also more a gamer than a brewer. But I like a cold one with my video games around midnight on my days off (I work night shift). I want to try one day making copycats of the beers from Deep Rock Galactic, while 3d printing the mugs with steel inserts to flex on my friends.

Fellow gamers and brewers, any recommendations?

Blackout Stout was an easy choice, I'm already brewing a Kremlin for that.

Oily Oaf sounds like a creamy dark lager/porter. Probably Shadow Hill Porter.


Edit: I posted this here because some of the other DRG beers are sort of out there flavor wise, so custom brews will likely be a must.

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@Lucas Edwards ,

Welcome to the forum.  We are an eclectic group of brewers with many other hobbies, professions and activities.  (My own alter-activities are baking bread and growing hot peppers.)  If you peruse the postings, you will find several custom brews offered by members.  Even I have one I called Rio Grande Stout.  I haven't tried Kremlin yet; but be sure to attach an overflow bag under the vent to catch possible spills due to high krausen.  I can recommend Shadow Hill Porter. For a comprehensive list of both BrewArt and custom brews, see Shem's spreadsheet(s). There is lot of other data there as well.

🙂 Happy brewing (and gaming).

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