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Did you use crown caps or swing-tops?  Swing-top capping sometimes does not make a good seal.  Also, PET bottles with screw-on caps may fail if the caps are old.

If it was swing-tops or PET's, I would suggest re-carbing to try again.

I have never had a seal failure with crown caps.

Let us know what you determine.

😀 Good luck and happy brewing.

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Swing tops can be tricky.  I reluctantly gave up on them for crown caps several years ago.  Sometimes, a light touch of silicone grease on the gaskets can help.  Also, take great care that there are not any even small grains of material on the lip or the gasket.

Swing top bottles have an old-world elegance that I appreciate, but I found them too troublesome in daily use.  I even bought a DrinkMate carbonator for the 10% of the bottles that failed to seal.

Fortunately, the pint bottle swing-tops I had could also be fitted with crown caps.

Sigh.  So much for old-world elegance - but I have no more flat beers.

😀 Happy brewing.

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