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A Lot of Foam

Mark Gillman

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Total novice here, haven't even used my brewflo yet.  However I remember a few members here talking about disconnecting the air line to de-pressure the bag first, then later adding the air line. 
Separately, I believe not kegging too early was also mentioned in a couple threads, meaning leave it for 24+hrs in "ready to keg mode". 


Anyhow, hopefully someone else will step up with experience rather than my random reading around the place here.

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Hi Mike A

I have worked it out, looking at your advice and other comments in other posts, I did this to pour a beer without 80% foam.

  • Depressurise the keg using the Brew Art Multi Tool, when you do this the liner inflates oddly.
  • If you pour a beer once there is no air, the beer will not pour.
  • connect the air connector and close lid.
  • As the keg inflates or fills with air pour the beer.
  • It pours perfectly.

Its a pain in the ass to do this but it is what it is.

The beer that Ian having the issue with is Mountain Range IPA.

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