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Christopher Bettwy

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Hello all!

Just got this fine machine, working on my first brew, total noob to home brewing.  I opted to go with the Big Bear, as I'm a big fan of brown ales, and the brew notes mention that "due to it’s vigorous fermentation it may overflow from the vent port for the first 48 hours."  I checked on it this morning, and it had overflowed a little bit, but it was coming out from one side of the lid rather than the vent port.  Should I be concerned that the lid might be compromised and not airtight?  It's definitely on correctly, but obviously not 100% sealed if liquid is getting out.  Thanks much in advance for any feedback!

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After posting, realized that a similar question has been answered before.  Here's the answer from that thread if helpful (related to a different Brew Print, obviously, but same issue of overflow from the lid):

"now that is a sign of a really healthy fermentation. 1) won’t hurt the droid, 2) should settle down fairly quickly, 3) there is a dedicated overflow on the left hand side where the gap is - you can see when the lid is off, 4) I think the Ruby BrewPrint profile warns of a possible overflow. 5) all around the lid is not usual but does happen with really active fermentation and is not of concern,  6) the chuck wipes or plastic bags tapped to the side does save a lot of clean up.

I do note from the photo that not a lot of the krausen has escaped from the left hand side overflow port. Just check that the rubber seal isn’t blocking it when the whole process is finished (not now). No harm has been done."

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