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Can't start a brew on the app

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Hi all,

I'm trying to start a new brew from the app. 

It says starting brew for a few minutes then displays the error. 

"Error starting brew. The brew could not be started. Please try again or check your BeerDroid."

Have tried several times, always same result. Droid is connected to wifi and has internet access. Have restart phone and droid several times.

Brew I'm trying is Old Saxon Scwarzbier

Any ideas?

Thanks Peter C

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This one baffles me.  Just to check the basic hardware, have you tried to start the brew from the control panel on the droid?  I know this is not a satisfactory solution, as you definitely want the wifi system to work properly.  However, it may identify a problem if the control panel works while the wifi doesn't.  Either result, I think you should contact BrewArt.  They will definitely solve the problem.

I hope this helps.

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