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Is it an abbey beer or a dunkel? I'm not sure. Used some brewart ingredients and some yeast I had left over from my bucket experiments. It's been in a stainless keg for 3 weeks with the sugar blocks and I'm about to take it up to altitude with some CO2 bulbs and drink it for the weekend.

E2x2, X2x4, X3x2, Safale t-58 yeast @ 18c

Place your bets as to how palatable this may be. Pics to follow once I tap the bastard Friday night.

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Not sure if got a bit stirred up in the car on the way down or not but that appearance is something else. "Muddy" is the first thing I could think of.


Three weeks in the keg. Quite sweet and a but unsure of what it is. Yeast taste is almost like Chimay, the wheat malt has given it a lot of head. If I swapped in an X3 for one of the wheat malts we may be pretty close to a (lightly alcoholic) quad.

Definitely not like a dunkel.

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