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Coopers Malt Extract - Whole tin in a droid

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I have split a 5-gallon Cooper's Draught kit into two sequential batches in a BeerDroid by dividing the HME and Brew Enhancer between each batch.  Filtered water brought the wort up to 10L.  Results were good on both batches.

Recently, I have split a (5-gal) Cooper's Lager kit into two simultaneous batches in two droids.  I'm still waiting on the results for this one.

Let me be clear; these kits were intended to be 5 to 6-gallon batches.  You may have obtained a different package.  I would not recommend a 5-gallon (21L) batch with just enough water to fill a 10L BeerDroid.  It would be rich but would surely overflow.

Happy brewing. 🤨

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I see that we are on the same page here.  I recommend putting about 9L of room temperature filtered water into the droid.  Then pour the half-portion of the HME into the droid and gently stir with a sanitized plastic spoon (I use a mash paddle.)  for about 5 minutes or until the bottom of the paddle comes up clean.  Top off the water to the 10L mark, if needed.  Then, by the droid protocol, throw the yeast and add the half-portion of dry enhancers.  Place the lid on the droid and start the program of your choice.

I use scales to accurately divide the HME and Enhancers.  Definitely refrigerate the HME and the half of the yeast (if you divided it also).  Otherwise, you can use all the yeast for the first half and use another for the rest.

Happy brewing.  🤨

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