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Slightly overfilled my BeerDroid

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Hi everyone

I've been using my BeerDroid over here in the UK for about six months and loving it, it's a great piece of kit.

I put a brew on this morning using a beer kit. After filling and adding the ingredients the water level ended up around the 10.75 to 11 litres. Apart from potentially being a bit more watery and not as strong, is there a chance I could damage the BeerDroid? I'm thinking I could maybe put too much strain on either the refrigeration unit or the heater.

Also if you guys think I should reduce the level am I better off opening the tap or cracking it open and scooping some out of the top with a sterile pan?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Matt,

Don't worry, this won't harm your Droid in any way.

I fill 11-12 litres into my Droid regularly as I do all grain and the amount of trub and absorption from hops means I have to add more wort (the fermentable liquid) into the Droid to get the final 9.5-10l into my keg and for testing Final Gravity.

Your main risk when filling above the 10l line is that it brings your brew closer to the "spew port" making it more likely to have some fermenting beer come out said port.

Good luck and good brewing.


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Hello, Matt.

@Wazza_wantsbeer is correct in that your droid will not be harmed but may overflow at the vent on the left side of the droid.  Accordingly, I would recommend taping a plastic bag just under the overflow vent in order minimize the mess.

Here is an example of securing the Droid for overflows.  It happens with rich worts and vigorous yeasts as well as overfilling.


Happy brewing. 😀

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