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Fermenting spirits in the beer droid.

Robert Pretty

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3 hours ago, Robert Pretty said:

Has anyone tried fermenting spirits in a beer droid. Perfect 10lt size for the air still.

Can't see why it couldn't be done. Fermentation is around 23 to 30 degrees. Takes around 6 or 7 days to complete.



@Robert PrettyI've looked into this.  You certainly could use the droid as a primary fermenter.  But why?  I love a good whiskey, Irish or Scots.  However, the flavor, bouquet and mouthfeel are products of judicious aging over years in carefully selected wooden casks.  (I've been there.)  Almost anyone can distill firewater, but that is rather cheaply obtained without the effort, care and patience required to turn out a drinkable whiskey.

Now, vodka can be flavored in many ways and does not require aging.  Diluted ethanol is diluted ethanol.  Just add the desired amount of flavoring when ready to drink.

I have noticed on the web that there are many small-volume alcohol distillation devices available.  Some are so crafty that I was tempted to order one just as an art object!  The hammered copper crafting can be exquisite as well as a little bit steam punk.  Alas, my humble home is already packed with art objects.  (My bride is a professional artist, potter and fashion illustrator.)  

I hope this provides some perspective on home distillation.

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Will be following this as I'm also very interested in trying home distillation.

@Robert Pretty what are you thinking in terms of fermentables?

With the hard seltzer I've been making, I would think it quite easy to produce a clear, strong alcohol using just sugars, Dextrose, cane and table sugar as well as lots of yeast nutrients including DAP. I'd also look at using a champagne or wine yeast for something that tolerates a higher ABV. 

Should come out quite clear and strong then a matter of distilling it to make some hand sanitiser and/or essential oils.

@Thagomizer I love those crafty cooper stills, they do look awesome when not in use but they are expensive as anything. I've looked at 41 Pints, my LHBS, and he sells an Air Still that produces 1 l at a time.

I could even buy a copper domed distilling lid for Nano Brewery but I'd rather start small.

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