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Rio Grande Stout

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I have always enjoyed stouts.  I like a robust full-bodied stout.  However, the Russian stouts go a little too far for me and they are challenging to brew since the overloaded recipes often overflow the droid.  So, I came up with a stout recipe based entirely on BrewArt ingredients that meets my own expectations.  My OneNote log follows:

Rio Grande Stout

·         Personal* BrewPrint from BrewArt 

·         Droid used was Thagomizer. 

·         Alcohol: 6.5% 

·         Color: 182 

·         Bitterness: 54 

·         Brewing time: 6 days  

Brewing Program:  Ale 

·         Propagate: 70°F 

·         Ferment: 63°F 

·         Keg: 64°F 

·         Store: 39°F 


·         Y3 

·         E3 * 2  

·         E4 * 2 

·         X3 * 2 

 Used tap water previously taken from the cold water faucet filtered by an RV cartridge.   Allowed water to assume room temperature of 74°F.  Filled droid to 10L. 

 Added ingredients in BrewArt order and started brew with Ale program. 

 230206:  1 day and 6 hours after starting, there is a small high krausen overflow dribbling into the ZipLoc bag taped to the side under the overflow slot on the left side of the droid.  (With six packets of elements/enhancers and a vigorous yeast such as Y3, this is expected.) 

230209:  SG by Tilt 2.0 device was 1.010. 

230211:  Fermentation Complete.  FG was 1.009.  Droid went to Storage mode. 

230212:  Bottled 12 one-pint glass bottles primed with 1.5 tsp dextrose and capped with green crown caps.  Remainder kegged into 5L mini-keg primed with 1 TBSP dextrose. 

 *Not a packaged/planned BrewArt recipe

This brew lived up to its name in that it is so dark as to be opaque.  I am including a photo, anyway.

Also, I am including my evaluation profile.

The darkness and bitterness values were calculated from the Banjo formulas.

Rio Grande Stout.pdf

Rio Grande Stout.jpg

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