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Mississippi Pot Roast

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My bride and I are big fans of this easy slow-cooker meal. For those unfamiliar, here's our recipe (don't worry too much about exact measurements):

1 chuck roast

1 stick of butter

1 smallish onion, chopped

1 can of tomatoes

1 package each ranch dressing and beef gravy mix

1 jar whole pickled pepperoncini peppers WITH juice (stems removed)

a few carrots, cut into bite-sized chunks

Brown roast on medium heat, both sides. Move roast to slow cooker, add the butter to the roasting pan, add onions. Once onions are somewhat tender, and the remaining ingredients and stir till blended. Add to slow cooker, and cook on low till the roast is falling apart, about 7-8 hours. 

This easy meal can be served  by itself, or over noodles, rice or our favorite, mashed potatoes. As for a beer pairing, well, I have yet to find a beer that doesn't drink well with this satisfying meal, but if I was going to select one, it would be an IPA. The Mississippi pot roast features the beef, of course, but the spicy tartness of the pepperoncini really balances well with a crisp, hoppy beer. 


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That is exactly the sort of dish I crave in cold weather, rustic, slow cooked food is the best


Oh and Mash potato the whole way, I mean it would go well with noodles or rice but mash potato soaks up that juice nice. Sadly, nobody else in my family would eat that but I will make a small version of that

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