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Spare Parts for Kegs and beer droid tap

Love a Beer

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Gday All

First question - Searching for spare parts. I have the original version of the kegs and caps, except I'm trying to buy some spare parts since the O rings are deteriorated on the keg liner screw caps searching for new ones.

Is there an option to buy these somewhere without buying new keg kits? I mean I love the new stainless versions but not in my budget at the moment to buy the new kits. 

Also, the o'ring on the beer droid tap is starting to deteriorate and leaking, is there a way to rectify or replace the tap or o'ring? Appreciate the advice or hot tips.

Thanks in Advance.

Enjoy your beer!

Cheers A :) 



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Hey mate, they are looking into spare parts and will have some time soon. In the meantime, just email Brewart... info@brewart.com and send them that picture and the bits that have worn out and they will send you new ones .

I have contacted them many times (probably on their "blocked senders" list by now) and they have always sent me out the new part. I have had taps replaced, bungs, bottle fillers etc. Service is second to none by Liam and the team so just reach out.

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