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A brew without hops...is it drinkable?

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I was kegging some Bohemian Lager. The first 5L I did, there was a hole in the keg liner. So I had to waste the hops in the damaged keg liner. I tried saving it as I planned to pour it from the damaged keg liner to a new keg liner but it was too tricky. 

Anyway, I ended up kegging 5L of the brew without hops. I understand the taste won't be anywhere near as good. However, for the sake of not wasting it, I am wondering if its worth keeping to drink?

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Brewing a batch of my 12 Gates Farmhouse Ale last fall, and I had a mental hiccup and completely forgot to add the liquid hops prior to bottling. The results were absolutely drinkable. Compared head-to-head with another batch bottled with hops a couple months earlier, and we could certainly tell the difference, but honestly didn't have a strong preference for one or the other. Relax and enjoy, Nick!

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I like a modicum of hops in a well-tended beer.  Most of us do.  However, some historical figures disagree:

King Henry VIII in 1519 declared the hop a “wicked and pernicious weed” and banned it from brewing, saying it spoiled the taste of beer.

Well, I have a significant stock of this "wicked and pernicious" weed in my fridge.  I plan to enjoy all of it ... in both large and small amounts.

Hops are welcome in a variety of beers.  Also, hops saved the British Army in India since beer spoiled over the long trek to India unless heavily fortified with hops.  (No refrigeration on the way to the Raj.  Thus, the origin of the IPA.)   Remember Kipling's poem Danny Deever drinking "bitter beer?" 

So, hops and IPAs are here forever. 

🙂 Happy brewing.  Apologies for the history lesson.


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