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Foaming over at start of fermentation

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Started a jolly roger ale yesterday and today it went into fermentation. Apparently I made the water too acidic( our tap water is a tad too alkaline) and after I left home for several days at work, that it was foaming out the lid. Apparently not a whole lot, but having no other way to go but my app, i set the temperature from 60 to 58 to try and slow it down a bit. I know the most vigorous fermentation is at the beginning so this will subside on its own in a day or two. Should I maintain my temperature selection? Or restore it yo 60 after it settles down some?

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Finished and trying a bottle now….very tasty! After it was finished and ready to bottle I sprinkled in champagne yeast. Also used both hop concentrate and hop flakes..,flavor is not IPA but is quite good. A bit of a bite but not too acidic. Happy with this one and it almost was made with blinders on! Hooray for my Brew machine, and Brewart

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