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West Coast IPA

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Hi Brewartists,

For those who are interested, here is a recipe for a WCIPA that Liam helped me with. Originally it is based on a Rocky Ridge recipe, but the end result is a bit different based on what I did. 

If you're like me and don't do all grain brewing, all you need is a stovetop saucepan. You may also want a small food grade pail to hold the wort when transferring to droid


Custom mode: Propogate 22, ferment at 19 degrees, standard keg and storage temps, dry hop option. 

The ABV is meant to be approx 6-6.5%.


2x E5, 2x X1, 1x X2, 1x X5, Y1


Hops: I think these were the numbers, I adjusted on the fly. But obviously you could use any typical American hops and adjust as you want!


10g Amarillo 15 minute


15g Amarillo WP


15g Vic Secret (originally called for Simcoe but I used Vic secret as I only had that) WP


Approx 25g Amarillo SOF


Approx 45g Talus DH


Approx 40g Rakau DH


Bring 2L of water to boil, add 1 x X1 and 10g of Amarillo, boil for 15 minutes. I gave it a stir every now and then.


Turn off heat, wait until 65 degrees , add WP hops. Let steep for 30 minutes, stirring every now and then. Cool down 


Add 8L of water to your BeerDroid, strain in the 2L of wort. Start brewing program and try to wait for temp to reach 22°C before adding ingredients.


Add the SOF hops, Y1, and Elements and Enhancers. 

At the Dry Hop notification add the DH Hops.


A big note: This is a triple dry hop recipe, though you will likely encounter a problem with the droid's fermentation sensing. Apparently the addition of hops at start of fermentation really messes around with it. This brew took me over two weeks, and I had to put in the EOF hops as a guess. I'm not sure what the alternative is, perhaps just putting the SOF hops in alongside EOF??


I used the Y1 yeast. I might try Safale 05 next time.


Also suggest keep on storage mode for an extended period (I did for about a week) to give it an extra cold crash and clearing up.

Mine has come out with a nice golden colour which I am very happy with (photo might not do it justice(. Overall very happy with the outcome, good aroma, citrusy and hoppy but not over the top. Sometimes even get a little floral taste from it which I think might be the Rakau??


I only left for a week to condition a little bit more before carbonating as I wanted to keep the hops fresh. It tastes great and if you like WCIPAs without too much pine and resin this is

a great one to try.


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