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Is it too late to add the yeast?

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So I started a brew this morning before work. And now I'm at work it has popped up in my mind that I forgot the bloody yeast!

When I get home from work today, which will be around 12 hours after I started the brew, should I add the yeast and it should be all good? Or is it too late and I should ditch it?

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On 14/03/2024 at 7:59 PM, Nick Seymour said:


@Nathan Damaso

I ended up adding the yeast but not restarting the program. Someone on facebook said it should be okay to keep the program going. I hope it works out. 

Yeah, as long as you sanitised a spoon and stirred it in it should be good.

If you haven't, it may still be fine, just have to wait

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