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BeerDroid and WiFi

Brendan Veitch

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My BeerDroid will not connect to Wifi anymore and wouldn't connect to the app aswell. But as I'm typing this my app has now connected to the droid, but the droid still has no wifi; although it was briefly on last night. I have a brew on at the moment so this is becoming very frustrating! 

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

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13 minutes ago, Brendan Veitch said:

Thanks Mark,

Now it just drops in out from the wifi. Also can you put the droid into storage mode from the droid? Or is that only available from the app?

Regards Brendan 

You can do it manually on Beerdroid unit or it will go automatically to store mode after 2 days when it’s in the ready to keg mode. Is your droid in a good position, distance for the wifi modem link? Do you have same issue with other wifi connections?


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