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BrewPrint/Ingredient Backup

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Sometimes you may run out of/or delivery delayed of BrewPrints or ingredients for a brew. Now here is a great backup tip. The Coopers Mr  Beer range are brews for 8.5l capacity however easily acceptable for 10l. If you are a Coopers member (free) only $15.26 per tin and delivery anytime is free for 4 tins or more (any combination). Also there are some top recipes in the Coopers download. (filter for 8.5l or 10l). My latest order as an example. There are some other choices.

Subtotal  $61.04
Shipping & Handling  $0.00
Grand Total $61.04

Mr Beer Bewitched Amber Ale (1.3kg) SKU: 1977

1 $15.26

Mr Beer Diablo IPA (1.3kg) SKU: 1975

1 $15.26

Mr Beer Long Play IPA (1.3kg) SKU: 1979

1 $15.26

Mr Beer North West Pale Ale (1.3kg) SKU: 1976

1 $15.26




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