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Did an adaption of the Coopers homebrew recipe. 2 x E1, E5, X1, Y2 yeast, Ale mode, dry hop 12g willamette and qigong challenger hops. 
In droid 15/5, kegged 24/5 so now 8 weeks? Strong bitter after taste, a good strong ale. To be honest something I’d enjoy on a stinking hot day. Not that’s it’s for quaffing but a good pub beer.1E96393B-A931-4ADE-9396-3D56D6039A83.thumb.jpeg.1104c589835f6e4dca8a6673c0dff8c0.jpeg541857C4-D219-48C0-865F-5B0A34C9B537.thumb.jpeg.5753efb3cdda9d317d887e370fa927e4.jpeg

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