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Flat Fermentation temperature graph

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Dear guru out there, would like to get some advice from you guys.


i have just bought a beerdroid and started brewing American Pale Ale 4.5 days ago.


i noticed about 13 hrs ago, the realtime temperature in the droid maintainS flat and stays at about 16.4 C. The previous pattern of spike in graph does not happen in the last 12-14 hrs. Also the present of bubbles become less and not as vigorous as last 3 days. 

wondering is this normal?


also, does the beerdroid or apps give estimated time of completion of brewing? I dont see anywhere just in case the feature is hidden somewhere.


thanks in advance for shedding me some light.



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Hi Christopher and welcome. The graph looks fine and after 4 days + is acceptable. Estimates of fermentation times for each recipe is on the BrewPrint profiles just after the Brewing Program statement. For the American Pale Ale it’s 6-9 days. I’ve brewed it twice, once at 9 days the other was 10.The age of the yeast can play a part in fermentation times.

Feel free to ask away and enjoy your brewing. Theses units are great.

Cheers Mark

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