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59 minutes ago, William Sastry said:

Wondering if you all had ever tried this? Should i add in secondary? Should i roast or infuse into a vodka? Ideas? Thx

Hi William and welcome to the forum.

I’ve done chilli beers before and this method worked well. Roughly chop up the jalapeño and bring to the boil in about 500ml of water (more if loads of jalapeños) and simmer for about 5 mins. Turn off heating source, place lid on top and steep for 20min.

Using a sanitised strainer add to the water in the droid, then yeast/ingredients ect.

Or you can strain an amount into each keg if kegging 

Or add to droid at end of fermentation and allow 24hrs if bottling.

(At the beginning is my preference)

Cheers Mark. Let us know what you do and how it turns out. What beer styles do you enjoy most?

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