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Dry Hop "clearing"

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Hi all

Doing my first Dry Hop brew and its been cooled at 4 degrees for 30 hrs now - still in ferment mode with status "clearing hops" on the app.

Does anyone know how long this 4 degree ferment lasts with Dry Hop?

Added Dry Hops into top as directed by app - it fermented for another 24 hrs plus then cooled to 4 degrees - I expected it to get cool, stop fermenting and move to Keg straight away.


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Hi @Andrew rothon

Depends a little on the firmware you're running, but the current version P017 has the following timing:

  • 48 Hours of hop infusion (from when you acknowledge adding the hops), followed by
  • 48 Hours of cold crashing (hop clearing) at 4C

After which it automatically transitions to Keg.

During both the dot points above the BeerDroid will indicate its main state as "Ferment", however the "Dry Hop" sub state will also be shown on the front panel, the App elaborates on this as it has luxury of free form text.

So it sounds like all is well and on track with your brew.


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