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Dry hopping

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2 hours ago, Trish Fielding said:

Hi peoples just got notice saying ready to keg on droid after 5 days read forum on dry hops just put in and leave for 24 hrs hope this is correct and leave in keg mode 

Hi Trish, what are you brewing?

Also, what hops are you using and how have you put it in?

Leaving keg mode is fine


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Just now, Trish Fielding said:

Hey. Rob using BrewArt coopers session ale lifted lid put in left 24 hrs 

OK, if you are updated to program 17, it will ask you to add hops, then it would be 4 days after that until it is ready to keg.

If you haven't updated to program 17 and it has got to ready to keg after 5 days, then all well and good. The time for dry hopping is personal choice and experience, one day is fine, I'm happy with anywhere between 2-4 days but as I say, personal choice, what is right for you is right

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