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Flensberger swing top 330ml bottles

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57 minutes ago, Eltham Brewing House said:

I recently acquired 30 x 330ml capacity Flensberger swing top bottles. I already use Grolsh swing tops and replacing their top seal is relatively simple however the Flensberger seals appear to be glued onto the porcelain top. Has anybody had any experience in changing the Flensberger top seals?


How do you come across so many swing top bottles? 

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31 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:


How do you come across so many swing top bottles? 

I check FB Marketplace on a daily basis. I missed out on 24 x Grolsh for $5 total last week because someone was quicker off the bat than me and I was a little pissed off with my self. I have also located some nice bear glasses on FB Marketplace at really good prices, Stellar, Coopers, Peroni, Leffe, Duvel. Dimpled Pint glasses etc.

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On 09/04/2021 at 7:19 PM, Rob Courtney said:

In saying that though, I'd have no problem emailing them to see if you get a response on how to do it, given they're German, you'll get a timely response either way :)

I have checked out the Flensburger Brauerei website and they say the swing top "Pop" bottles are good for 35 cycles before they are withdrawn from circulation. So after one circulation here there is no need for me to change the seals at this point in time. Problem solved. Different case with the Grolsh bottle seals that do need regular replacement. 

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