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Has anyone made beer without brew-print ingredients?

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4 hours ago, Michael Mittermayer said:

Hi all, 

does anyone make beer from raw materials not with beer droid ready stuff? If you could share recipes 

Hi Michael and welcome to the forum. Plenty of us brew without BrewPint ingredients or a mixture. Have a look in the main forum thread “BrewPrint Customisation” then the thread “Customized brews (outside of BrewPrint). 
Note that any form of wort can be used in the Droid. One thing though the BrewPrint recipes are exceptional.

What do you like to brew?

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Hello, Michael. 

Welcome to the forum.  Yes, many of us use our own recipes in the BeerDroid.  I had about a dozen two-gallon (7.7 L) recipe kits from another supplier when I got my droid.  What to do?  BrewArt's FAQ 10 recommends filling the droid to the full ten liters.  (There is an exception for the Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout BrewPrint which recommends nine liters of water.)  The FAQ warns that temperature sensing may be compromised if the droid is not nearly full.  I suspect there is a temperature sensor up high as well as down low on the droid's interior and it may average them.  Only a BrewArt engineer could confirm this conjecture.

Therefore, I resolved to embellish my two-gallon recipes by proportionally adding HME's, LME's or DME's with sufficient water to bring the recipe up to the ten liter volume preferred by the droid.  This has been successful.

I totally agree with Captain Three Droids that the BrewPrints  are exceptional.  It is remarkable that such a simplified procedure results in such good results. I will still occasionally brew the old way with boiling, steeping and cooling with a wort chiller - but the simplicity and quality of BrewPrints make them a real winner.

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