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Reconnect Droid to new wifi


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I have moved the droid to my away house that I stay at during the week while at work. 

I run a phone hotspot for wifi just for beer brewing stuff and I tried to connect the droid but I won't do it.

I've tried manually and through the app but no dice.

Any thoughts, hints, tips. 


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@Hambone I can confirm that I have connected my droid to my phone's hot spot but it does have some challenges.

Issue is if you use the App on your phone to configure the droid then your phone connects to the droid's temporary wifi network so your phone's hotspot is not active and therefore droid can't find it.

Things to try.

If your phone's hotspot supports a WPS then try that, it will be the easiest way.

Otherwise you will need a third device, eg. laptop.

Turn on your phones hotspot.

Set the droid to WiFi manual config.

On the laptop connect to the droids network, see manual.

On the laptop open a browser and navigate to the configuration page, see manual.

Enter your hotspot details via the browser to configure the droid, see manual.

Sorry the above is very high level with lots of "see manual" but depending on whether you have a version 1 or version 2 droid the steps have subtle differences, so make sure you refer to the correct manual for your droid.

If you get stuck, I'm sure Liam will be able to help.

Good luck!


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