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Does brewprints has that "Extract Twang" ?

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1 hour ago, satmuts said:

it seems all LME Extract has that "Homebrew Twang"

from my understanding brewprints is DME extract so i want ask if you get that "Homebrew Twang" as well ?

No, the malts are of high quality however I believe the X5 could contribute to that “tang” syndrome as it is dextrose. I’ve always felt that dextrose in those kit and kilo recipes ruined the brew, it’s only benefit (imo) was to increase the alcohol % cheaply.

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The BrewPrints do not leave a “tang” or other disflavor. You may like or dislike a particular recipe, but it will be as flawless as your skills at operating the BeerDroid properly.  And this is fairly easy as you simply dump in the ingredients (hopefully) in the proper order and then activate the program.

As a brewer of over 50 years of experience, I found an epiphany of brewing with this very concept.

·         Consider:  Old recipes called for boiling the ingredients – HME’s as well as LME’s.  Using the typical extracts, this spoiled the brew at the onset because the HME’s had hops already optimized by prior boiling before condensation – and were then altered in their intended flavor as well as darkened in color.  All this was to sterilize the ingredients.  We now need to trust our suppliers to deliver contaminant-free ingredients – which they have been doing.  I.e., No more boiling unless you are doing an all-grain recipe that requires it,

·         The other oddity for me was the actual BrewArt procedure.

o   First, add the brewing yeast (into the water).  This used to be the last thing after cooling the wort.

o   Dumping in the powdered ingredients and not stirring them.  Stirring powdered elements was my former nemesis in brewing because of clumping.

o   That was it.  Secure the top and start the program.  So simple.

As it turns out, the yeast, itself seems to do all the stirring necessary.  If you look at the droid’s viewing window after fermentation is established, you will see a roiling vigorous agitation of the wort.  Stirring is not necessary if there is a healthy yeast.

Once you have access to them, I think you will truly enjoy the BrewPrints.

Happy Brewing. 😀

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So all beer is acidic, it's just a fact about beer, and this gives all beer a slight acidic or tangy flavour. I find that some of my brewprint homebrews have had a little more of that flavour, but anything dry hopped or with a high number of ingredients is so flavoursome that I don't notice it, and aging can help too. I definitely noticed it in "lighter" beers with both less hops and malt ingredients, for example QLD Gold.

But they don't have that "telltale sweetness" that some people talk about for "that homebrew flavour" unless you have them before 2-3 weeks or it was a bit chilly and the priming sugar hasn't all been eaten.

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