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Kegging Ahead of the Game

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3 hours ago, Mark Gillman said:

I will be getting a New Brew Flo in a few months time, but want to start kegging a few brews now.

Can you buy the Complete Kegging Pack and fill the kegs before you get a Break Flo ??



Yes you can.

As you are making ales, I would recommend kegging beforehand. The bare minimum to wait for secondary fermentation is 2 weeks but you should give it a few more weeks from there, so the quicker you keg, the quicker you drink...so to speak.

When i first started, I bought a few slabs to see me through so i could get beers at that 6-8 week mark and it was worth it. It is an interesting experiment (but only if you are bottling a brew) to try some beer at 2, 3,4,5,6 weeks to chart its improvement. 

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