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Help!! Wrong ingredients in pack??

Liquid Gold

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Don't stress, the recipe has been updated when it went to dry hops, Amarillo to Cascade. Now, you can just use the hop extras and you will have a nice beer, or if you want to use Cascade dry hops, nip down to your brew supplies store tomorrow and ghet the hops and add them. The brew will be fine whilst it waits for you to hop it.

If you can't go to a brew supply shop, use the liquid hops, they will  be fine and still make a great beer



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13 minutes ago, Liquid Gold said:

Phew. Thanks Rob. 

So, just pour it into the droid? Or move to next phase and put direct into the keg?

If you are using the brewart kegs, then pour the liquid hops into the keg when you are kegging. The liquid hops are good, I prefer dry hops but if liquid hops was all I had, it isn't like i'd kick the dog over it...plus he'd bite me. Give it 6-8 weeks and you'll have a good brew on your hands

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