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Saison Recipe?

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G 'Day Steve, 

Welcome aboard, that's great to hear you're looking at brewing a Saison, they're delicous. 
Saison style beers attribute most of their unique flavours to their yeast., an we do not stock a Saison yeast, so you will need to purchase it from another supplier. 

Be careful when selecting your Saison yeast as most contain Diastaticus yeast which have the ability to produce enzymes, which give them the ability to hydrolyze starches and dextrins into fermentable sugars. Meaning your beers will attenuate further and over-carbonate in the Keg. Also it is very hard to remove Diastaticus from your brewery once it's introduced.  

The good news is Lallemand have released a yeast called Lalbrew Farmhouse. This has been made with a hybrid yeast strain and is STA negative, so you do not need to worry about over attenuation and contaminating future brews. 

As for a recipe, they're pretty simple to make. This is based off of the classic Saison Dupont.
E1, E5, E5, X1, X2, X1. Saison Yeast, H4, H4. 
Ferment warm at 25°C

I hope this gets you on your way.


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