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What's The Greatest Place You Ever Drank A Beer?

Steve Gyldenvand

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Great idea for a thread @Steve Gyldenvand and looks awesome.

For me, 4.5 years ago, it was having a drink on the Kinabatangan river in Borneo. On this particular day my wife and I were on part of our eco-tour of the area to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. 10 years previously, we had spent part of our honeymoon staying with the same group so it was amazing to return after a decade.


This particular boat trip was part of a program to count critically endangered pigmy elephants that are only found on Borneo.

What a magical day, we counted two separate family groups of 5 and 7 individuals as well as a lone individual.

Better still, our guide following signs along the river bank knew that there was a small family group close to the river but out of sight so we pulled up and asked if I wanted to follow him in. Before jumping out of the boat he warned me to keep quiet and don't run away from the elephants if they see us.

So we walked into the area which is thick with "elephant grass" which grows well over head height and crept around seeing lots of sign.


And then... we heard them or rather, felt them first. This amazing rumbling sound that you felt more than heard, right in the pit of your stomach. So we knew we were close and then, bingo, there was a large female, right in front of us, we were literally no more than 3-4 metres away when I took this photo.


I stood there and watched and listened for several minutes when I realised, the guide had taken off because as he later told me, "we were too close" and he was worried they would charge.

Damn, left to fend for myself but wow, what an experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.

And on our way home from the day on the river, things just turned magical as the water became so calm and the sky was amazing colours.


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In October of 2015 my bride and I with my cousin and his bride toured Australia and New Zealand.  This snippet is about my bride and me touring Hobbiton in Northern New Zealand.

Here, we have just left Frodo's home.



At the end of the walking tour, we arrived at the Green Dragon Inn where we had a quaff of Ale.  Unfortunately, Gandolf was not there.



The Tavern was busy, however, and we got a view of olden pub times.


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Here's another one from the same trip. This is the Trollekelder in Ghent Belgium. We drank there on a couple occasions. On this particular day, we sampled some of the greatest Belgian beers ever brewed, including, Orval, Chimay, Delerium Tremens, Kwak, and the incredible Westvleteren 12, among others. On a side note, while we were sitting there enjoying these great beers, I received notice that the company I had worked for the previous 15 years was closing my store, and I was going to be unemployed. We had one hell of a toast.


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3 hours ago, Robert Pretty said:

I have drank beers all around the world from Belgium to San Diego. Enjoyed them all. Call be bais, but drinking homebrews at home on the farm with a view, or a beer in an Australian Country pub in the middle of nowhere. That's for me.

Sipping on the upstairs deck with my bride, watching the horses graze and ducks flying over the lake; it's a rough life, but we make the most of it, right?


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57 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:

I can't post a picture ( because in those days it'd have been a Polaroid) but can i tell a story?


BTW, this is a great thread, all stories have been sensational, pygmy Elephant story my fave so far, though all of them  I have sat there going "wish I was there"

Absolutely, stories are always welcome, Rob!

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