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Fermentation not detected

SG Droid

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Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. 

The last two brews I made the Beer Droid did not detect fermentation over 9 days. I have probably done around 10-15 brews before this with no problems. 

After waiting and bottling it appears I can continue to use the droid by manually setting the temperature for keeging and storage. 

Does anyone have any tips on how I minght be able to get the machine to work properly again? 

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Hi @SG Droid, given the number of successful brews you’ve got under your belt I’m going to assume it’s not operator error.

I think your best bet is to reach out to the @BrewArt Team , they will be able to review your Droid’s brew logs and quickly get to the bottom of the issue (assuming your droid is connected to Wi-Fi). 

My guess would be it’s a yeast viability issue. The droid needs to detect a minimum level of fermentation activity before it declares “fermentation detected” if the yeast is questionable the fermentation may never trigger that threshold. Was there anything different in how you stored or the age of the yeast in your last two brews?


good luck, let us know how it turns out. 

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Heya, thanks very much for coming back. 

I think I uncovered the issue thanks to your help. I just started a new brew yesterday and the previous two brews (unsuccessful) I used the 'default' lager programme. 

It appears that the propagation temp of 22c was too low. The new brew I upped to 26c and propagation completed as usual. 

Thanks for your reply about minimum activity it pointed me in the right direction. 


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