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Using American IPA WORT in brewdroid


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Welcome to the forum.

You have several options, but the simplest is to just choose "ALE" as your brewing program.  Basically, you want a temperature profile of

  • 72 degrees F -> 22 degrees C for Propagation
  • 64 degrees F -> 18 degrees C for Fermentation
  • 64 degrees F -> 18 degrees C for Kegging/Bottling
  • 39 degrees F ->   4 degrees C for Storage

The ALE option would provide that profile, or the American Pale Ale option would yield the same results.

Happy brewing and let us know how it comes out.  😀


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@Nik I would also ask, are you planning to Dry Hop this?

If it was me, I certainly would but you don't have to if you don't want to. Also, have you managed to source the recommended White Labs WLP001 California Ale yeast?

If yes, the profile for this yeast is 18° - 23° C so you can go warmer, and therefore faster, if you so choose. You might want to consider stepping the temperature up after a couple of days to say 20 or even 21 or 22°C. 

So depending on how confident you feel with the app, you could go with a custom program using same or similar to what @Thagomizer has recommended above and don't forget to tick the dry hop box if you intend to dry hop.

If dry hopping, I'd just go with say Citra as the description for this American IPA is "fruity citrus finish" so you couldn't go wrong with Citra Hops.

I've not used an ESB FWK but have had good success with All Inn Brewing's FWK's and I've dry hopped for each one so I'll be interested to see how this turns out for you so keep us updated.

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All Inn FWK are pretty good value and consistently come out nice.   Droid easier to clean as well.  

have tried Legbreaker @bennoz and just finished a Writers Block Stout which is drinkable out of the droid (nowhere near as awesome as a peanut 🥜 butter Kremlin Imperial Milk stout (150g lactose) !!

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