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Victorian Beer Bank Club

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Ok seeking expressions of interest from Droid owners in Melbourne/Victoria. I've taken inspiration from Ashe Factor who is running a brew club with his mates where for a fee he brews a print once a month to be shared. My idea is similar but a little different, I'd like to start a Beer Bank Club. So basically once a month members would all meet at a nominated members house, bring a dozen 330ml bottles with you to deposit into the bank & then withdraw a dozen mixed bottles from the beer other members have banked. Each member can take it in turns to host & if everyone was cool with it we could even put a few bucks in each to buy pizza's or whatever & enjoy each others company, talk about brews, make a day of it. So was thinking it would need at least 4 people to be involved to get it started & members can nominate what brew they will bring so we all don't brew the same beer that month. What you think ? 

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