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Home assistant link to beerdroid

ryan siddans

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Hey guys and @BrewArt Team. Recently got into home assistant and keen to have a dashboard showing what’s going on. Any chance that it’s possible to connect to the entities? Or has someone the slightest clue on how I could start. I’m thinking it’s all locked down but being wifi I couldn’t see why it could show a few entities like temp, duration etc that already get beamed to the app. 

chxeers Ryan 

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Hey @ryan siddans

This should not be too hard to do.

My prelim investigation suggests the easiest way would be to include an MQTT client in the BeerDroid as the integration with Home Assistant. 

Judging by the lack of love from the community for your suggestion though, I doubt it will make the cut for the development pipeline. 

Great idea in my book!

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