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Keg Liner Connector

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I have had some previous keg liner connector seal (cross threaded) issues which caused me to have a closer look at each of my keg liner connectors.  The attached photo is a new unused connector recently purchased.  It appears to be a manufacturing (plastic moulding) fault.

Corresponded and spoke to Liam from the BrewArt Team who is kindly replacing this item and another cross threaded connector.

Check your kegging equipment


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At first I thought I had cross threaded the keg connector and the keg liner.  However, there is only a very small quantity of beer leakage.  Certainly nowhere near the amount consistent with a previous cross threaded incident.  Having discussed the matter with Liam (BrewArt Team) yesterday it appears to be a possible issue with the large white 'O' ring fitted between the double valve (orange & black) cap and the keg connector.

This brew was kegged on 11 May so it will be some time before this is confirmed, or not ??

Never a dull moment with this BrewArt caper.  Good beer though and thanks to Liam for his prompt assistance and advice.

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I have a similar problem with one my kegs. I believe there is a manufacturing defect, preventing the liner screwing properly into the connector.

I thought I didnt screw it on tight enough the first time and the problem was so bad that the air from the flow compressor was pushed inside the liner and caused sputtering and horrible pours about half way through the keg.

This time I doubly checked it was screwed down properly and I have the same symptoms as pictured above. Still to test the 'finished' product and understand how bad the issue is. 

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