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Complete bottling kit - will bottle the full 10l?

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On 26/12/2023 at 3:33 PM, Shaun Dennis said:

Just wondering,  as my quick maths the 12 bottles will only do approximately 8l. 

Just wondering that peoples experience before I buy the kit, as I'd prefer to buy the extra bottles at the same time. 

I use 2nd hand Grosch 450ml swing lid bottles from Market Place and Coopers carbonation drops from Dan Murphy. I get 22 bottles per 10lt.


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Thank you everyone. 

I will get the pack so I get the bottling wand/valve. I'll also use it for my first brew. I aim to do 1 Keg and bottle the rest. 

I have just been googling the Grolsh bottles, they look ideal. So will buy once I've got a fre brews down pat. 

Thank you again - First brew going on tomorrow :).

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