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Placing the washers right.

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As to the picture that I display here, there are these little black washers. I have learnt the tighter or looser you turn, the black washers change postion.

I'm assuming that if the washers are sticking out on the sides, this will cause leakage. That said, the washers may be placed right but it may not be tight enough. I'm anxious about this part. 

Does how I have it in my picture seem right? I will wait for a reponse before going further. I have the whole day. 

This is my first time so patience is a virtue.


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Do a pressure test, assemble the brewflow, get a spray bottle or something with a water + detergent mix.  Attach the air-line and see if you get any bubbles.  No bubbles, you're good.

I haven't used mine yet so can't comment to the picture.

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