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How are the new liners?

Seth Schramm

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I have had many great brews from the new system, and quite a few from the old.  I would say that they are now pouring better, but bear in mind that they now deliver from the bottom of the keg, so the first glass is more likely to have some sediment in it.  Don't dismiss and entire keg from the first glass!!! Let the keg sit in the flow and try again tomorrow if your beer is cloudy and yeasty.

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Perfect.  Thank you for the reply!  When I purchased the complete kegging pack I was unsure if it would come with the old system vs the new system or if the liners have all been converted over to the newer system by now.  I'm guessing there is a little bit of a learning curve to all of this and will meticulously watch the videos again prior to kegging to make sure I get it right!  Again - thank you for the reply!!

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