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Failed to assign IP address

Stuart Corbett

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After excitedly unpacking my new toys, I have spent two days trying to connect the Brewdroid to wifi. I have tried WPS, manual via the pc and using the app from my mobile. If I let DHCP assign the IP address I get "failed to obtain an IP address" error virtually straight away. If I assign an IP address manually, I can get all the way to naming the Brewdroid and linking Brewdroid to your account and then get an Error 3 CD1 DHCP failure. When I get to connection to the Brewdroid wifi I get a message saying no internet available. The internet icon on the Brewdroid stays on solid, but the Brewart icon keeps flashing until the error message comes up.

My router is a Netgear Nighthawk X8 and I am connection on the 2.4GHz channel which is for 802.11b/g/n. Security is WPA2-PSK. I have 10 other devices on the network and all operate without issue.

I have tried Ipconfig /flushdns, Ipconfig /Release and Renew.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Stuart - I would contact BrewArt customer service and see if they have any ideas.  Did you try restarting your modem/router?  Maybe a firewall issue?  I used to have that same router but since upgraded to Google Wifi and it connected straight away.  Hope you get this figured out soon.  I just got my new toys a few weeks ago and it's a blast!  Already brewing my second brew.  Keep us updated.  Also, I would suggest joining the facebook group "BrewArt Owners".  Lots of very smart people on there and that forum is way more active than this one.  

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