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Difficulty connecting to Wi Fi

Gert Grashofg

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I bought the BrewArt on 1 Sept 19 for my husband as a Fathers day present.  Sadly (and VERY frustrating), he could not get it to work.  It keeps failing to connect to our internet.  Telstra, NBN.

He took it back to Harvey Norman today who also could not help him.  I somehow find this unacceptable.

Please, is there someone that can give us advise. 

Thank you

Suzelle Grashoff

+61422 435 033


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If you contact Brewart info...info@brewart.com then they will be able to help you. I'd probably not bother with Harvey Norman as far as after sales service goes, the good news is Brewarts after sales service is excellent. You will talk to Liam or his tech and they will do what they can to get the droid connected. I found that the droid needs to be close to the wifi to connect it. The good news is you don't need it connected to make it work, I haven't used the app or had it connected to the internet for a year and still make really nice beer. If you have any questions, please hit us up for general brewing questions, we will put your husband on the path to great beer.


I'd also edit your original post and take your contact details off if I was you. I mean the people on here are all good but best you take that down.


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Rob is correct. Contact Brewart info as he suggests, they are great. Connection is easy however I believe the modem frequency has to be correct?

You can use the BeerDroid without being connect but I would wait until your spoken to brewart.

Let us both know how you get on.

Try not to be too disappointed, they are a great unit and produce top brews.

Cheers Mark.

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