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Hopped elements, etc.

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Since the E elements are hopped DME and not knowing 'what' hops were used, this makes it difficult to decide on hop additions on custom brews.  Some hop combos do not play well together!  Soooooo.... Thinking best to skip E's and pretty much just use X's and my own hop additions.  I understand the concept behind the secrecy (well..!)  Makes the brewprints pretty foolproof for beginners!  However in my opinion after reading several forums regarding using Brewdroid, there are a LOT of people who have experience with brewing already, and buying the droids.  I think much more product would sell for the company if they were upfront about what's exactly in say an E4, an H5, etc.  Customization should be easy as well.

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On the other hand I guess Coopers have invested a lot in research and development and they are in the business of selling product and making money. If they let out all their secrets so to speak, we could all buy ingredients from other sources. I think there is some fun in experimentation and delving into the relatively safe unknown. 
Cheers Mark

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