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keg conditioning and temp


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Hey Guys,

Just after some advice around conditioning. I am finding a lot of my beers are tasting similar and not sure if due to me drinking early, or conditioning incorrectly.

I keg directly to iKegger style mini 10L kegs after cold crashing in droid and transfer directly to fridge, where they sit carbonating at 15 psi for over a week before they are connected to the tap. 

Should I be leaving in the keg at room temp or transferring directly to fridge is ok?


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So am I correct that 1 day of cold crash (to get to storage temp of 4C)? If so with a week in the fridge your drinking in about 11 days after fermentation has finished? This really doesn’t allow much time for flavours to develop and with some of the recipes (particularly lager) close in terms of ingredients they can taste very similar early. 

The droid ferments fairly clean and not like brewing all grain I don’t think cold chilling is necessary, however have the kegs sitting somewhere for at least a few weeks will do the “maturing” the world of good, flavours develop and all will be good. Then the fridge and gas.

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41 minutes ago, Arin Percy said:

Is there any difference in "maturing" at different temps?

I have room in my fridge so ideally leave there as temp will not fluctuate. My man cave can fluctuate from 40C to 4C.

Your kegs will mature in the fridge ok. Carbonated or not it’s really about the time. I sometimes have a keg in the fridge for 5 to 6 weeks before connecting to the tap. If you have the room, fridge it.


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