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6 Brewflow kegs

Geoff Schubert

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9 minutes ago, Geoff Schubert said:

Hi guys,

I have 6 kegs plus fittings and a keg few liners and lines free to a new home. If you live in Melbourne and would like to travel out to Bayswater to pick them up they're yours.


Hi Geoff, Mark here. Great offer and sure the offer will be taken up. Are you still brewing and if so what styles do you enjoy

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Hi Mark,

Sorry for taking so long to reply been trying to put wondows10 on the computer. Yes still using the beer droid just upgraded my pouring system. I like my pale ales, or any coopers beer. I've experimented a couple of times and made a raspberry beer and then a banana one basicly anything that tastes good I'll drink.

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