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Upon starting my brewdroid

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6 hours ago, Brewsta said:

Powers on, but just flashes "BREWING IN PROGRESS" and will do nothing else

Mystery brew, I like it.

Seriously though, have you put ingredients in, have you watched all the videos first in the Brweart 101, just need some more info to help.


Unless of course, it is a mystery brew...


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37 minutes ago, Barrelboy said:

I suspect the last brew wasn’t “ticked” to keg and the power just turned off. So when the new brew went in and the power turned on the droid thought there was a power failure so started the “brewing in progress” mode.

Ahhh, second hand droid, didn't think of that, would make sense.


I did prefer mystery brew though, only one group that could solve that...


Image result for scooby doo"

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