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1 hour ago, stephen acres said:





sealed lid  press start on pale ale

then when it comes to keg going I then put in p liquid

is this correct



2 X E1


So yeah, water in first, then yeast.

You can put the powders in any order you want, do it slowly (not ridiculously slowly) but don't dump it in :)

Put lid on, turn so it is secure

Then press ale

It will go from propagate, to ferment to ready to keg in 6-14 days (usually 7-8 but if it goes longer, it is normal)

Each day it will test for fermentation so when you see FE on the screen, don't freak out, don"t switch it off...it is normal.

If you are using a Brewflo keg, then put the primer into the keg and then fill


If you are doing a keg and some bottles, put the primer into the keg after it says ready to keg and leave it for 24 hours then keg and bottle.


The Pale Ale is a nice drop, in the brewprint it isn't an exact copy, it needs some hops. In saying that, if you have friends around to try this as your first brew, just say it is a basic pale ale and they will be impressed. 

Any questions, just post them and someone will answer


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1 hour ago, stephen acres said:

if you add hops ,do you put it with the other ingredients

also once you keg ,how long before you can drink your beer


If you are just kegging, put the hops into the keg with the primer (both go in) the fill with beer ( you can watch instruction videos on Brewart 101. If you are kegging half and bottling half, put the hops into the droid after ready to keg and leave for 24 hours.


After you have kegged or bottled, the beer goes through "secondary fermentation". It is said you can drink the beer after 2 weeks...and you can but it hasn't had enough time to work itself together. I know this sounds stupid but you need to give it a bit of time, with lagers at least 6 weeks. Ales can also be drunk by 6 weeks but will continue to improve with time.

If you leave the beers for 6 weeks, when you pour a pint for yourself or friends, you will be impressed.

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