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Neder Lager

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40 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:

Nice dinner back home with a full belly and onto my own beers after some vodka and a couple of glasses of Shiraz at the restaurant. I do sometimes wonder though if it is a faux pas to ask for a double when you are getting a glass of Shiraz?

Anyways, beer is really nice, well worth a try if you haven't brewed one before, probably be even better if it was summer and not 5 degrees outside

Well Rob, for the sake of good, sound scientifical research, you should bring a few of those Neder Lagers up here to Wisconsin, where it's going to be around 90F (32C) for the next couple days.  

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Now, I drank a lot of beers over in Vietnam. Somehow and for some reason I just can't put my finger on...was it the 500ml cans of beer that cost a dollar, was it the 100 F weather, or 37C for us? maybe...might even be a combination of those factors.

I went through a lot of lagers and I will comfortably say, this has them all covered (though those Sapporo big cans at 2 dollars were pretty good). Hard to make sense of as I am not a proper brewer type guy like Liam but the flavour has those all covered, the malt, the hops, just more pronounced.


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I talk this beer up a fair amount and for good reason, if someone said to me they thought it was the best lager that the brewprints make...it'd be hard to disagree. Nearly 7 weeks in and just the balls, would have posted a full glass, just wasn't quick enough

IMG_1852 (1).jpg

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