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Early Taste

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4 hours ago, Alan Batchelor said:

Does anyone do an early taste test? I figured I can take a small amount and as long as I sanitize the tap and nozzle afterwards it would be no problem. Main reason is to check on the flirt hopping.





No problems with that. (have to take a sample if doing a hydrometer check). As you said sanitise the tap after an all will be ok.

Cheers, Mark

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4 minutes ago, Alan Batchelor said:

Nice looking brew. Still 4 days away from full fermentation. Smells and tastes good but a tad watery. Did you think it will firm up over secondary?




Yes it should firm up. As only 4 days into fermentation not all the sugars will have been converted by the yeast therefore cloudiness and watery, no body to it yet.

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